Apartment for sale in Abdel Salam Aref

المنصورة | الإضافة: 22 فبراير 2021 ، الرقم: 6221

العنوان: المنصورة, شارع الاديب, عرض على الخريطة

    We’ve been considering the most accurate architectural designs systems for units, isolate rooms than the rest of the unit, proper ventilation, the direction of the sun for each unit, the entrances are made of high quality marble with special modern designs.
    the destinations are designed with a classic design, finished with the newest materials for its quality.
    The building consist of three Europe elevators provided with a feature not to stop in the middle of the floor in case electricity goes, also with a central generator to keep elevators, water motors, passages and entrances working
    Also provided with high quality central water treatment plant, intercom and central shower connected with each unit
    The building consist of administrative apartments (first and second floor), residential apartments (from the third floor to the eleventh.
    Administrative : each floor has three units with different size
    First one 55 m , 95 m , 125 m.
    Second one 87m , 92 m , 96 m.
    Residential : 125 m 150 m.
    The cost of the counters 25000 EGP.
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