Usage Agreement

an introduction
This usage agreement and privacy of use, terms and conditions, and all policies published on the Promex ads website are designed to protect and preserve the rights of both (Promex advertisements site) and (the user who accesses the site with or without registration) or (the customer who benefits from the ads by registering Or without registration).
The agreement was created based on the electronic transaction system. The terms, conditions, provisions and legal disputes are subject to the laws, legislation and regulations in force in the Arab Republic of Egypt.
As a user, you agree to abide by everything contained in this agreement in the event that you use the site, or if you access it, or if you register for the service. Promex Ads has the right to amend this agreement at any time, and it is binding on all parties after announcing the update on the site or in any other way.
Definition of
Promex ads site is the owner of the Promex ads website, a 100% Egyptian establishment headquartered in Cairo, which is an electronic platform that enables the user (the creator of the electronic record) to open an online store to provide his services and deliver them to the target customer (the future of the electronic record) according to specific conditions and controls and under his responsibility. And referred to in this agreement as (Promex advertisements site) or (we) or (us) or (Promex site), and here represents the first party.
The user is (the individual, institution, or company) that creates the electronic record that accesses the site and benefits from its services, directly or indirectly, and is referred to as the member or the second party, and it is he who is responsible for the content of the advertisement is considered fully responsible and abides by the controls and terms of the content described by the site and bears the consequences And ad content damages.
Customer: It is the entity (individual, institution, or company) to which the electronic record ends, and which is targeted by the user (the creator of the electronic record). Electronic record: It is the data that is created, saved or sent by the user (the creator of the electronic record) and is in the form of providing a service, requesting service, responses or special messages.
Terms of use
As a second party to this agreement, by agreeing to benefit from the website's services, you must adhere to the following:
Not to advertise or download content or elements that are inappropriate for the ratings available on the site that are permitted to be sold. You should review the terms of the advertisement and the prohibited goods. Not to penetrate or circumvent the laws, policies and regulations of the site or any rights related to a third party.
Not to copy the advertisement from the Promex ads website and repost it to other sites.
Not to use any illegal means to access advertisements or other users' data or violate the policy and rights of the Promex ads site, or access the content of the site or collect and collect information and data related to the Promex ads site or the site’s customers and benefit from them in any way or re-publish them.
Not to use our services if you are not legally qualified to complete this agreement. For example, you are under 18 years old, or you are temporarily or permanently blocked from using the site.
Not to tamper with commodity prices, whether in buying or selling, and to harm other users.
Not to post false, inaccurate, misleading, deceptive, defamatory, or defamatory advertisements or comments.
Not to be exposed to international policies, sovereignties, respected personalities, or any discussions that are not related to legitimate buying and selling on the Promex ads site.
Not to transfer your account or your activity to other sites while carrying the logo or services of the institution.
Not to violate copyrights, trademarks, patents, advertising, databases or other property or intellectual rights belonging to the Promex ads site or licensed to the Promex ads site.
Not to violate the rights of others, intellectual property or patent.
Not to advertise tobacco and smoke products (these goods expose you to obtaining a violation by the competent authorities)
Not to violate human rights regulations and not to traffic in persons in any way.
Not to violate wildlife protection regulations.
Not to violate human rights or wildlife protection regulations.
Not to collect information about other site users for commercial or other purposes.
Not to do anything that would damage the reputation of the Promex ads site.
Not to impersonate a Promex ads site, its representative or employee, or any other characteristic that suggests that you are affiliated with the site unless you have official permission from the site’s administration.
The use of this service by any non-human user is prohibited, with the exception of non-human users of the following companies only:
Your failure to abide by these terms gives the Promex ads site the full right to block your membership and prevent you from accessing the site without the need to notify you of that, and you hereby undertake not to return to using the site until after the site’s approval on that.
The responsibility of Promex ads site
Promex advertisements site provides a service to enable the user to display his goods according to the agreed use policy, and we do not provide any guarantees and do not bear any responsibility in the event that the user does not adhere to the site’s use policy and we are not responsible for any risk, damages, consequences or losses that fall on the seller or buyer or any Another party, and whoever suffers the damage must inform us of this through the contact us link and explain the damage, and the Promex ads site will take action according to the type of incident without any liability. Your use of Promex ads website means that you authorize us to save your data that you entered with the organization’s servers and we have the right to view and review it. You also agree to our right to monitor private messages when needed to ensure that they are free from violations of the usage agreement, and we have the right to delete the advertisement and dispose of the attached pictures when needed. Circulars, decisions, and directives of the site's management and supervisors are binding on the second party after they are delivered to him through the website, mobile or