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 Prohibited goods and ads

Prohibited goods
The item shown is the prohibited item on the site. These goods are forbidden to advertise on the site and to purchase them on the site is also prohibited. We block the advertiser who advertises these goods and we block those who respond to him through private messages or through replies. Please note that there is no warning before the ban and that the ban is final and there is no discussion about it.
The prohibited goods are:
All goods prohibited according to the laws of the Arab Republic of Egypt.
Installment and banking products. These goods are prohibited even if they are considered legitimate.
Medicines and medical and health products These goods are prohibited even if they are permitted by the laws of the Ministry of Health and even if they are commodities recommended by the Ministry.
Network marketing: Any type of network marketing is strictly prohibited, whatever its type, description, or method.
Weapons, including detonators, pistols, machine guns, personal protection weapons and their accessories, even if they are licensed.
Sexual products in all their forms and types.
Stocks, portfolio management, currencies, marketing and all related matters.
Lasers, spy and eavesdropping devices.
Sites, forums, electronic services, e-mails, and selling memberships and programs.
Selling any item is free. An example is email, Twitter and Instagram accounts, and others.
Goods that infringe on intellectual property rights, for example, copied programs and copied films.
Tobacco products
Advertise for products or services that require a license without obtaining a license from the organizer.
Prohibited devices such as: jamming devices, encoders, or mobile signal boosters.
Devices with security risks.
Advertise calling cards or telecommunications services without obtaining the necessary licenses and without raising them to the site’s licensing system.
Banned ads
The following list contains most of the methods and methods of banned advertisements on the site:
All ads that are not related to buying and selling
Put topics on the site.
Advertising for the purpose of adding a suggestion or discussing a problem with the administration on the site. The ads are for sale and purchase only. Adding advertisements for suggestions for developing the site in the exhibits harms advertisers' ads on the site. The best way to suggest or complain is to contact us via the contact form coffee beans
The ad is incomplete in detail.
Poor quality advertisement.
The advertiser's poor communication with members interested in the offered commodity, for example, an advertiser who announces the sale of a car and then does not respond to communications or respond to private messages.
The advertisement is in a wrong section, for example, an advertisement for a car order in the exhibits, or an advertisement for the sale of furniture in the car ads section, or an advertisement for a Jeep Cherokee for sale in the Ford section.
Add an ad and you have another banned membership. You must first discuss the ban with us before adding any new ads.
Adding a picture that is not for the same commodity if the item is a car, even if it is for illustrative purpose.
Add photos of an item other than shown. For example, an advertiser announces the sale of a used mobile and then displays an image of another used mobile of the same type.
Any advertisement that contains a reference to any racist matter in all its forms.
Any advertisement that contains wrong information, whether the error was intentional or unintended.For example, an advertiser announces a car and states that it has not had an accident, and then proves that the car has had an accident. Sure of it.
Add an advertisement for the purpose of defamation. If you have a complaint against our advertiser, please write to us and explain the problem. If you have a problem with a party that we have nothing to do with, please complain to the party responsible for that.
Add an advertisement title that contradicts the content of the advertisement, for example an advertiser who writes in the title: Camry 2011, then in the advertisement announces the order of Camry 2011. When the visitor sees the title, he will think that there is an offer about Camry 2011
Copying an advertisement for another advertiser or part of it.
Public advertisements that do not specify the specific commodity, such as: the advertisement with the title (We have lands for sale) or, for example, the advertisement with a title that there are cars for sale in our showroom. The correct is the announcement of the same commodity, for example, we have a land for sale, such and such an area in Such-and-such neighborhood in Riyadh, for example, or we have such-and-such a car.
Donation announcements and assistance requests. The state system prohibits donation and charitable work outside the specific legal scope allocated for this.
Announcements for contributions and subscriptions.
Begging and helping beggars. We are banning members who help beggars on our site.
The request for mediation and aid, whether legitimate or not. The site is for goods only
Ads that contain abuse of power.
Advertise in responses.
Blocked responses
The following list contains most of the blocked responses:
Advertise in responses.
Insulting and insulting, whether there is a justification or not.
Lack of seriousness and unwillingness to buy.
Commenting for the sake of adding a joke, past, or news. The site is for sale and purchase only.
Mockery of the good or the advertiser.
Banned private messages
The following list contains most of the banned private messages:
Advertising in private messages.
Insulting and insulting, whether there is a justification or not.