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Welcome to Promex Advertising is one of the largest online classifieds platforms offering the opportunity for sellers to advertise their products and services under a large number of departments, as well as for buyers where they have the opportunity to search for their needs and communicate directly with sellers to buy products and services advertised.
These Terms of Use specify the nature of the agreement between you as a user and the Promax Company, where you control your use of the products and services we provide through our website and our smart applications.
* This Agreement provides important information for you including information about your responsibility for your content, our liability to you and your agreement to resolve any disputes through individual arbitration, and the right to participate in any class advocacy against Promex ads or any of its subsidiaries. By accessing the Promex Advertising Platform, you agree to the following terms:
Promex offers translations of the English version of the Terms of Use in other languages ​​for your convenience, but only the English version is approved. In addition, if there is a conflict between the English version of the Terms of Use and any other translation thereof, the English version is the primary reference.
Your Account: Some of the services provided in Promex advertisements require you to create your own account with your email and password. This email will be the authorized mail and you will be responsible for the confidentiality of the password for your account. Responsible for all activities issued by him. In order to do this you must protect your own password and choose a word that is hard to reach by others. In turn, we advise all users to put their first and last names in the "Username" field and to prevent the use of names such as Promex, Bromx.com, etc.
You may also log in and create an account on the Site through third party services such as Facebook, which authorizes us to access, store and use your personal information as it is an accessible service as described in our Privacy Policy. If your account is compromised or misused, please contact our customer service team immediately.
Using Promix Ads: You can post to any of our sections while avoiding the following:
· Violate any of the laws or any point of our prohibited content policy
· Post false or misleading ads
· Violation of any rights of any other party
· Publish any abusive mail, serial messages, or pyramid marketing scheme
· The dissemination of viruses or any other technology that would harm the site or interests and property of users or anyone
· Any act of sabotage such as attempts to block the service or impose an unreasonable burden on the infrastructure of the site
· Copy, edit, or publish content to another person
· Use any prohibited means to access the site's database and collect the content for any purpose, including bot, spiders and similar methods
· Collect information about other users, including private e-mail or other personal information
· Exceed procedures used to prevent or restrict access to the site
· Use personal information about other people without their explicit consent
Blocked content: Any ad containing one or more of the prohibited things below will be deleted. The site reserves the right to permanently delete the user's account, blacklist it, or notify the appropriate authorities to enforce the necessary law:
· Alcoholic beverages, wines, tobacco products, narcotic drugs, psychotropic substances, laxatives, medicines and analgesics, or even the establishment of links, whether direct or indirect, of articles, products or services prohibited by law
· Human or natural human organs including blood and body fluids as well.
• Prostitution or any other services, including violating the provisions of the law immoral or improper representation of women, which would violate the contemporary standards of ethics and ethics in Arab societies.
· Religious articles, including books, antiques, etc., or any information or description of any of these articles that affect the religious feelings of any person or group.
· Sexual tools and inspirations (including: implication of slavery and idols), genital depiction, and so forth.
· The prohibited effects or treasures are traded under any applicable law.
· Information and material indicating libel, slander, threat, or even abuse
· False information about the nature or manner of use of products and services
· Counterfeit or stolen goods or illegal and authorized services
· Goods, materials and services that infringe on the rights and intellectual property of any third party, or even the privacy of any person
· Transferring electronic computer viruses or any program that would hack computer systems and destroy them and withdraw personal data
· Your information should not contain any content that is offensive to users and / or animals
· Hazardous chemicals and pesticides
· Fireworks, explosives, improvised explosive devices and other dangerous and burning materials
· Personal documents, financial records and any personal information including mailing lists
· Lottery tickets, horseback betting and slot machines
· Police and military equipment, including official badges, uniforms, coats, weapons, etc., which are prohibited from circulation
· Weapons and related tools (such as firearms, ammunition, tear gas, rifles and sharp objects)
· Hierarchy marketing services and marketing plans
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